jer callora

Hi, my name is Jer Callora I love internet marketing and video creation,I created this website to help you find great and helpful training courses and marketing tools.

Just like everyone else, I’m just an ordinary person who struggle in life and know nothing about internet marketing ,I had no idea about making money online, my parents raised me in a poor province of Davao Del Norte, Philippines “Libaylibay” at a young age I had to learn to earn some small amount of money so I could help them with our daily food.

I worked in a 9-5 jobs for several years, broke and really struggling to earn enough money, I search online on how to make money. I used to take surveys ,watching commercial boring videos ,recaptcha and the list goes on , I wasted lots of time doing things from others with a little and no money at all.

 I never give up I invested  training courses, materials and software , I have so many sleepless nights just to learn the training courses read long line ebooks and so much more, and luckily I was able to land my first client for a video creation service and I was very happy,since then I started offering video creation for online clients and local businesses.

What you will find in my site is an honest reviews for real products ,training courses and software from well known internet marketer who have great standing and reputation online, you’ll also receive great bonuses from me .

If you have any questions or you need help please let me know by sending me an email